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Advances in security cameras can receive all sorts of relevant data.

Secure the perimeter – security in the mining industry

By: Matthew Wood –writer

Security is not always about mitigating theft but protecting an operation as a whole. In the mining industry, security can revolve around a number of aspects – from CCTV footage to asset management, all the way to drug and alcohol testing. What is new on the mine security front?


Security a necessity, not a luxury

There appears to be no limits to the number of security solutions available, not just to the mining sector but to all industrial, commercial and residential applications. Consider this innovative solution…


Handling heat stress

Depending on where you are situated in the country, the effect of the recent heatwave varies. The situation is exacerbated for those who work in the mining industry, be it in an opencast or underground environment. However it is through considering these basic factors that keep employees out of the danger zone.


Heatwave continues to affect all

Although the intensity of the recent heatwave has subsided in Gauteng somewhat, the situation appears to be escalating in the Western Cape. The Western Cape has deposits of both diamonds and gold within the province, and considering its water-intensive day-to-day operations, mining companies need to take note of just how bad the situation is.


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