MTE Cullinan Expo 2018

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Cullinan Community Sports Centre  
25 January 2018  
13:00 to 17:00  

Petra Diamonds Cullinan Mine
Local industry


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   1-5 shows     R10 300
  6-11 shows    R8 900
  12+ shows    R8 050
  2 x Combos    R15 900
  3 x Combos    R20 700

Cullinan 450
Rock breaker breaking ore on top of a grizzly underground at Cullinan.

Cullinan is situated 30km east of Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa. The small town is located along the diamond route, and is named after diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan.

Cullinan mine is owned by Petra Diamonds and is situated in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The site of the open-pit mine is located about 40km east of Pretoria.

In 1905, the largest rough gem diamond was found in Cullinan. The discovery of this diamond—which had 3 106 carats— put Cullinan mine on the global map as a renowned source of large, high‑quality gem diamonds. This includes type II stones and it is a source of very rare blue diamonds.

Cullinan mine has an expected life span of about 50 years and contains a world-class diamond resource of194 metric carats (Mcts). The mine has undertaken an expansion programme that is expected to increase annual production from 0.7Mcts in 2016 to 2.2Mcts in 2019.

Exhibitors we would like to see include companies that supply equipment or products to the diamond mines
or that supply equipment or products that can be used in the diamond mining process. Cullinan is a diamond
mining area so, if you’re involved in that business, then this is the expo for you.


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