Metal products enhance safety

Providing a straight edge and finish for plaster at all openings and abutments, raised mesh (or Mentex from Andrew Mentis) is put through an additional process in which the raised meshes are flattened into the same plane as the sheet of metal expanded, resulting in Flatex.

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Mentex and Flatex protect and reinforce plaster and gives a neat finish.

Typically, both Mentex and Flatex are manufactured from high quality local mild steel but can also be manufactured from any other ductile metal. The product is supplied unpainted but any of the normal finishing processes such as painting, stove enamelling, plating and galvanising can be readily applied to it.

A comprehensive range of sizes, mesh sizes and thicknesses are available, and the mesh can be bent, shaped to radii, angled or notched while still maintaining its inherent rigidity.

Sizes range from mini meshes – 1.4mm by 2mm and with a thickness of 0.4mm – up to larger meshes with 115mm by 300mm openings and 6mm thick.

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