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Instrotech has Kobold’s DTE series of digital temperature gauges, which offers a wide range of industrial and analytical possibilities for applications where high accuracy and clear indication is required in controlled environments.

These environments, where alarm control and displayed messaging is either useful or a requirement, include hospitals and scientific laboratories. In addition, the DTE also incorporates data logging, is accessible via NFC interface with mobile devices and is USB PC configurable.

One of the key aspects of the DTE series for engineers, is the mechanical case mounting options that follow traditional Bimetal, Nitrogen Actuated and Mercury (now prohibited) mechanical gauges.  

The Universal Pt100 Class A and Class 1 thermocouple sensors offer not only accuracy and flexibility of sensor options, but in the event of a sensor being damaged in service instead of replacing the entire instrument, only the sensor needs be replaced. The instrument may also be reused for other applications where a different type of sensor specification is required.

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