Accurate, reliable hydrogen detection

RTS Africa Engineering provides accurate, reliable hydrogen detection solutions for increased safety in mine battery-charging stations.

The Hy-Alerta 500 instrument is a highly versatile hand-held detection device and can detect the widest range of hydrogen gas concentrations without the need for any peripheral equipment. The Hy-Alerta 500’s versatile hydrogen sensor probe has a unique visual LED array that effectively helps to navigate the source of a hydrogen leak where hydrogen gas is produced, used, transported or stored.

H2scan’s Hy-Alerta 600B/610B fixed area hydrogen monitors are better suited for area monitoring and will provide hydrogen-specific leak detection and measurement for hydrogen concentrations as low as 4 000ppm. They can be scaled to any concentration up to 5% hydrogen by volume, a range representing 10% to 125% of hydrogen’s low flammability limit.

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