Dealing with cable theft

Cable theft is not new in South Africa and is steadily on the increase.

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Rugged Crocs are designed to anchor cables in the ground, the combined mechanical resistance of the cable and the croc system makes it virtually impossible for a cable to be pulled from the ground.

The secret lies in the combined resistance of each individual croc over the length of the cable. Taking soil type into consideration, the average resistance one croc will deliver at an estimated 1t per croc. When 10m of cable is fitted with 10 Cable Crocs (one croc per meter) the combined resistance needed to pull the cable from the ground is 10t. If this figure is extrapolated over the length of a 100m cable it results in 100t of resistance!

Installation of Rugged Crocs is extremely fast, very simple to install and requires no specialised skills. The correct size unit (25mm, 50mm or 95mm) is simply strapped to the cable by using four industrial strength cable ties at one-metre intervals. The fitted cable is then placed in the prepared trench, covered with soil and compacted.

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