Smartsense monitoring

The high accuracy Becker Varis Smartsense gas monitoring system has integrated features for the detection of ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

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This hybrid system is customisable to all installation requirements, including copper (RS485/Ethernet) Radio Frequency (UHF – VHF data radio / Wi-Fi) and fibre optics data connectivity.

There are various graphical representation methods to display data, including the Becker Mining Systems application for smart phones or integration into existing SCADA systems.

The Becker Varis team has designed this system for easy installation and effortless calibration. There is no need to remove the monitoring head for external calibration as the system can be adjusted even during operation.

The Smartsense SSFM-100 fixed monitor has three fully programmable alarm set points for alarm and output controls, with a Short-Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Time Weighted Average (TWA) limits, displayed on a large LCD screen. It is possible to view the reading from up to 5m away. An adjustable back-light makes this device suitable for both underground and above ground applications.

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