Sealing the pressure

SKF engineers have created a tailormade range of class-leading hydraulic piston seals that require materials and apply advanced analytical techniques.

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The piston seal lies right at the heart of hydraulic cylinder performance. Located in a groove on the outer diameter of the piston, this seal must contain the high pressure hydraulic fluid without impeding the motion of piston along the length of the cylinder.

Since most hydraulic cylinders operate bi-directionally, the seal must handle pressure from either side. The design of piston seals requires engineers to tread a fine line between friction and sealing performance. If the seal allows too much fluid to leak from the high-pressure side of the cylinder to the low-pressure side, performance is compromised.

Excessive friction on the cylinder wall leads to accelerated wear and a reduced operating life. Outright failure of a piston seal, known as blow-by, can have significant operational and safety implications, potentially causing construction or materials handling equipment to lose control of its load, for example.

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