3D level measurement

Ifm’s O3D system detects opaque solids and bulk materials in tanks, silos or hoppers with levels of up to 10m and reliably detects the load height in machinery for mechanical handling such as belts and the loading of pallets.

The device’s sensor determines the level via a defined background and transmits the process value by analogue output or digitally and noise immune using the Ethernet process interface. Alternatively, the O3D may be used as a point level switch.

The measuring segment of the sensor can be adapted to the shape of the respective tank. Agitators and other attachments can be suppressed via ‘exclusion regions’. Various container shapes, such as hoppers, silos or even inclined belts are recognised by the sensor, which means that with bulk materials the average level is indicated, even if there are conical heaps or funnelling.

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